My Liberation Choice!

Thirteen years ago I had no idea what MS looked like. I didn’t know that MS had the power to slowly takeover every aspect of your life; fatigue, incontinence, numbness, spasticity, paralysis, cognition issues, and sometimes even death. In the past thirteen years I’ve learned about these affects firsthand living with this uninvited disease on a daily basis.

MS treatment is not as advanced as you would hope. Daily, bi‐weekly, weekly and monthly shots are the only defense and even then their effectiveness is very hard to measure. Some of the drug treatments even have death listed as one of the side effects. My doctors have asked me on several recent occasions to consider the “heavier” drug therapies because the others don’t seem to be working. But at 33 years of age, I’m not sure I’m ready to make a decision that will affect my ability to reproduce or even live without searching out every other viable treatment option... Especially when there does seem to be a hopeful additional choice with minimal risks associated with it available NOW. That is why I’ve chosen to be *LIBERATED!

November of last year W5 ran a story about Dr. Zamboni and his new vascular association with MS. Since that story ran there have been many people who have vocalized being for or against this simple treatment. I myself am for anything that holds so little risk, with such imminent rewards. I have been hopeful that Canada would want to be leaders in picking up on this procedure, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The truth of the matter is I do not have the 7 to 10 years it will take to proceed with clinical testing here in Canada, especially when the testing and results have already been documented clearly abroad.

Therefore I am reaching out, putting my ego aside and asking for your assistance. I need to raise over $20,000 within the next three months to cover the cost of my procedure. My friends and family have turned up in ways I couldn’t imagine... And now you.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.
THANK YOU for the gift of HOPE!

*Liberation Procedure: Non‐invasive angioplasty procedure initiated to intervene constricted Jugular and Azygos veins.